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Regular Placement Process
EngineersConnect's Placement Process

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EngineersConnect aims at building a new Ecosystem for Engineers and Tech Aspirants where only their Skills Matter, Opening doors to a Vast Community, Knowledge Building and Employment Opportunities.

Expansion of Community

Community is limited only upto ones college and friends, while studying. EngineersConnect gives a platform for an individual to expand their connection and get to know more people from their community and connect with them.

Better Job Opportunities

Less job opportunities along with a lot of competition makes it very difficult for an individual to find the apt job. We use our data analysed according to your profile and generate your skill based score sets to fetch you the job matching your skill sets.

Skill Building

Academics has to be strong as it is the only way one can prove his/her skills which doesn't happen in majority of the cases. Where in EngineersConnect gives a platform to share and develop their skill sets and get job according to an indviduals skill set.

Industry Exposure

Industry exposure is very less while one is going through education. EngineersConnect gives a platform for and individual to expand their connection and get in touch with professionals and people out their in the industry.

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Regular Hiring Process
EngineersConnect's Smart Hiring Process

EngineersConnect aims at providing the Real and Practical Knowledge Analysis of Candidates with Recommendations to Recruiters for Best Hiring using our Data Intelligence.

Find Skilled candidates

Not able to find specific Candidate according to the skills required for the position that's open. It's quite a lengthy process to sort out the candidates. EngineersConnect sorts out candidates according to their skill set and performance in EngineersConnect suitable for your position and company.

AI based Shortlisting

Resume data is not satisfactory as well as adequate for candidate shortlisting. It's a long process to shortlist the required candidate. EnginnersConnect steps in and reduces your effort by shortlisting students automatically based on their skill sets according to your requirements of the said position.

Verified Resume

Resume data verification is difficult and lengthy process. EngineersConnect provides you with dynamic data comprising of skill sets generated by us, based on candidate's performance along with a verified resume details so that you get the perfect candidate with required skill sets of your company.

Save Resources & Time

Current interview process doesn't guarantee the performance of candidate will be the same when the he joins. Hiring a wrong person burns resources of the company. Acknowledging this fact, EngineersConnect gives you the required data for better functioning of your company.

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