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Senior Graphic Designer in New Delhi, Delhi, Ind; at Clic. Curate. Connect

Senior Graphic Designer

Clic. Curate. Connect
New Delhi, Delhi, Ind;
Experience 3.0 - 6.0 yrs
Salary 25000 - 35000 / month
Employment Type
Job Description:

🌟 Bring Your A-Game and a Splash of Fun to Clic! Welcome to Clic, the Hogwarts of the marketing world — where creativity casts spells and ideas soar on broomsticks! In our enchanting realm, minus the dragons (though our brainstorm sessions might beg to differ), imagination knows no bounds. Picture a place where ideas zip like UFOs in a mad scientist's lab. We're a troupe of dream weavers, pixel warriors, and creative ninjas who live by the mantra: if it's not bold, it's boring. Our universe? So bright, shades are a must. More than just a marketing agency, we're a rollercoaster of imagination, a circus of innovation – and yes, we've got a trampoline! 🦸‍♂️ The Role: Senior Graphic Designer - Your Canvas Awaits! As our Senior Graphic Designer, you're not just a designer; you're a digital Dumbledore, a Picasso 2.0 with a tech upgrade. You're the Gandalf of the graphic world, where every design spell you cast turns blank canvases into visual feasts. In your realm, You're the Rohit Shetty of the graphic world, where each design is an action-packed blockbuster, exploding with colors more vibrant than the flying cars in his films. Branding Bonanza: Dive into logos, packaging, brochures, and Instagram Reels. Transform brands from bland to grand with a flick of your digital wand. Social Media Spectacle: Craft social media creatives that are more than just posts - they're digital fireworks. From sizzling Instagram Reels to dazzling Facebook banners, orchestrate a visual symphony. Adobe Arsenal & Figma Fortress: Master the Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro – and be a Figma fanatic. Wield these tools with the precision and creativity of a seasoned artist. 🌈 Who You Are: The Ideal Clic Collaborator A design dynamo, as comfortable with a napkin sketch as with digital execution. An inspiration hunter, finding muses in cloud shapes and latte hues. A collaborative spirit, ready to join forces with wordsmiths and strategy superheroes. A trendsetter, always in the know and ahead of the curve. A believer in fun at work – because why shouldn’t work feel like Disneyland? 🚀 Why Join Us? The Clic Experience Embark on a journey of creativity and growth. Immerse yourself in a culture as vibrant as our designs and as cool as our playlist. Collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from startups to industry stalwarts. Enjoy regular team outings – creativity thrives when Jack isn’t a dull designer! Flourish in an environment where ideas are not just heard but celebrated and materialized. 🎨 Ready to Design Your Future? Show us your portfolio that bursts with creativity. Tell us why you're the missing piece in our design puzzle. We're eager to view the world through your creative lens!

Desired Skills:
Strong communicationteam work
Remotely Allowed: In-office
Company Description:

In the fantastically unpredictable world of 2017, two intrepid adventurers, Radhika and Akshay, armed with glitter cannons, inflatable monkeys and a fleet of neon scooters, they founded Clic—a Creative digital marketing agency where ordinary is a banned word.

  • Location:

    New Delhi, Delhi, Ind;

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