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UI UX design intern in Karnataka at Ozibook Tech Solutions Private Limited

UI UX design intern

Ozibook Tech Solutions Private Limited
Experience 0.0 - yrs
Salary 10000 / month
Employment Type
Job Description:

Details about the internship Duration : 2 months. Timing : Work timing is flexible. Daily average and weekly targets have to be completed at your comfortable time. You have to figure out an efficient way to get quality work done fast and not cause inconvenience for your team mates. Location : Work from home. Eligibility for internship : You need to have a laptop (Good webcam), Earphone with a mic and a stable wifi connection. There will be an onboarding session for 2 weeks. The first week you will be learning the fundamentals. The second week you will be applying what you learn. You will be given different tasks for which you need to perform satisfactorily in order to qualify for the internship. Stipend : INR 1,000 per month. Eligibility for stipend, certificate and LOR: You must pass the qualifying period (2 weeks) and complete the remaining two weeks to be eligible for claiming the stipend monthly. Once you complete the 2 month period, you would be eligible for the internship completion certificate. Those candidates who perform extraordinarily will be given a LOR and an option to stay back. Qualities we are looking for: Entrepreneurial growth mindset, optimistic, hardworking, dedicated, patient, team player, honest, empathetic, willingness to learn and go through difficult times, receptiveness, persistence, courageous and ambitious. NOTE - We will NEVER call you and ask you for money to register for this internship. If you receive any calls like this, please understand it’s a SCAM and don’t be a victim of it. Perks of interning with us : You get to work close with the founding team. You get to learn on the go because we will give you mentorship and guidance, provided you are receptive to learning, applying and receiving feedback for your work. You get to be part of an early stage startup and understand the dynamics of a startup and how a product is built from an idea to a working model that is loved by people. The mission we have chosen for us is bold. In order to guide our next generation, we must begin by educating and empowering the current generation. A supportive environment with the freedom to fail and innovate. To give you a sense of purpose and a place to belong, if you are passionate about the cause we are fighting for. The opportunity to keep learning and experimenting and getting paid for doing it. You need to start thinking of it like paid education. You get to learn from each other on the team and build strong relationships and network. Opportunities for growth as you keep delivering and displaying your commitment. As the company grows, you also grow along with it. Certificate of experience on completing the internship. Additionally, recommendation letters will be given to those who perform extraordinarily. Role Description: At Ozibook, the UI-UX design process is divided into two pivotal stages. Stage 1 caters to individuals adept at wireframing, ideation, and conceptualization. In contrast, Stage 2 is tailored for those who excel in translating wireframes into visually captivating designs using tools like Figma. In this role, you'll collaborate closely with the content writing and Wix website development teams, contributing your expertise to bring the final touches to projects using Wix.

Desired Skills:
Strong communicationteam workWeb Development
    5 days a week, Transportation facility, Informal dress code, Health Insurance
Remotely Allowed: Remote
Company Description:

Toolmaker to advance the enhanced quality of living for all l Parent company of Ozigen l

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