Technical Engineer Jobs in , Maharashtra, Ind; at Exzellens Motors |

Technical Engineer in , Maharashtra, Ind; at Exzellens Motors

Technical Engineer

Exzellens Motors
, Maharashtra, Ind;
Experience 0.0 - yrs
Salary 4000 / month
Employment Type
Job Description:

- Understanding the technical aspects of Exzellens Motors' products, including features, specifications, and functionalities. - Shadowing technical experts to gain insights into product development, testing, and quality assurance processes. - Assisting in troubleshooting technical issues and providing customer support as needed. - Learning about industry regulations and standards relevant to automotive technology. - Participating in workshops or training sessions to enhance technical knowledge and skills. Expectations and Deliverables: - Active participation in all assigned tasks and activities. - Completion of designated projects or assignments within the stipulated timeframe. - Demonstration of professionalism, punctuality, and a positive attitude throughout the internship period. Benefits: - Hands-on experience in a dynamic and competitive industry environment. - Mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals in Sales, Marketing, and Technical domains. - Exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. - Certificate of completion and recommendation letter based on performance evaluation

Desired Skills:
Strong communicationteam work
Remotely Allowed: Remote
Company Description:

Driving the Future with Solar Power: Exzellens Motors, where innovation meets sustainability.

  • Location:

    , Maharashtra, Ind;

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