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Product design engineer in Pune, Mahārāshtra, Ind; at ecoop lifestyle pvt ltd

Product design engineer

ecoop lifestyle pvt ltd
Pune, Mahārāshtra, Ind;
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Job Description:

A Product Design Engineer is responsible for designing and developing new products or improving existing ones to meet customer needs and market demands.  Develop new product designs or improve existing ones to meet customer needs and market demands.  Create detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and models using 3D modeling software and other tools.  Conduct research and analyze data to inform product design decisions.  Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, manufacturing, and quality control, to ensure product designs meet business goals and are feasible to manufacture.  Conduct testing and evaluate product prototypes to ensure they meet design specifications and performance requirements.  Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field of product design and engineering.  Participate in design reviews and provide feedback to other team members.  Manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet project deadlines.  Work with suppliers to source materials and components needed for product design.  Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.  Troubleshoot design and manufacturing issues as they arise and recommend solutions.  Work with manufacturing teams to ensure products are manufactured efficiently and meet quality standards  Document product designs and specifications for future reference.  Communicate design concepts and solutions to stakeholders, including executives, colleagues, and customers.  Identify and implement process improvements to increase efficiency and productivity in the design and development process.

Desired Skills:
AutoCadPro-Eteam work
    5 days a week, Transportation facility, Informal dress code, Health Insurance
Remotely Allowed:
Company Description:

Our goal is to delivery 'Smart Water Bottle' which is a lifestyle most essential product. Our prime objective to provide safe potable water hygiene by filtering out heavy metals, harmful virus and bacteria, chemicals and algae in a portable size which is a water bottle. Currently, everyone uses a water bottle, from school going kid to office going employee, we want to supplant the traditional water bottle and introduce our bottle which can do beyond what is expected.

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    Pune, Mahārāshtra, Ind;

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