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Full Stack Developer in Mumbai_suburban, Mahārāshtra, Ind; at Smowcode

Full Stack Developer

Mumbai_suburban, Mahārāshtra, Ind;
Experience 0.0 - yrs
Salary 5000 - 40000 / month
Employment Type
Openings 2
Equity Pay %1.00 - 2.00
Job Description:

About Smowcode Built in 2021, the Smowcode Studio is a graphical programming software that speeds up coding of electronics hardware while retaining high performance. It is a fully loaded software supporting free extensive libraries and IoT support to give coders a one-stop solution for firmware applications. The Studio supports Smowboards based on ESP32 using which students and professionals can create smart hardware projects. Responsibilities Create robust core algorithms for handling user data. Modify & upgrade big code bases of Smowcode. Understand chronology of data events on server algorithms & add new features to them. Make use of core Data Structure & Algorithm (DSA) concepts to figure out logic building for core algorithms. Orchestrate a network of OOPS based routines that enable robust data management on servers. Work with UI & event based user actions. Work on dev & production environments. Bug fixing. Not just use a coding language but also get involved in making a new one i.e. Smowcode. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders. Requirements Experience in handling big code bases (10K-100K lines). Experience in coding mission critical applications. Keen to learn. T shaped coding skills. Deep understanding of interdependency of data. Proactive in solving logic problems. Thorough understanding of core DSA, OOPS, Recursion, Traversals & other programming concepts. Must have - Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Love to work on cutting edge technology. Ability to work in a dynamic environment using agile methodologies. Details Stipend - Rs.5K to 40K per month. Type - work from home till June 2023 and in-person later. Period - Full time/part time. 4-6 months Company Location - Borivali, Mumbai. Joining - Immediate or post notice period in previous company. What’s in it for you? Work in a startup culture. High growth opportunities. Close connection with the CEO & senior employees of Smowcode. Work in the nascent stage of a core computer industry company, Smowcode (like Apple & Microsoft). Apply here https://forms.gle/ysdADTp1LaHzrMPE6

Desired Skills:
    5 days a week, Transportation facility
Remotely Allowed: Remote
Company Description:

We create an 11x faster lowcode software for programming Embedded Systems.

  • Location:

    Mumbai_suburban, Mahārāshtra, Ind;

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