Front End Developer

Finance in Nagpur at International Learning And Development Organizaion


International Learning And Development Organizaion
Start Date 11 Apr - 11 May ' 21
Stipend 2000 - 2500 / Month
Employment Type Part Time
Internship Duration 3 Months
Internship Description:

1. The candidate should be able to work for 3 months and be well communicated with the team. 2. Assist with financial modeling. 3. Provide general accounting support. 4. Help with accounts receivable management. 5. Provide support for the annual budgeting process. 6. Assist with statistical analysis and other special projects. 7. Present data-driven recommendations to the finance team.

Desired Skills:
Digital Marketing/Google Analytics
Remotely Allowed:
Company Description:

International Learning and Development Association is an esteemed global platform for everyone belonging to the field of Training. ILDA, as we fondly call it, is a growing organization for Trainers from all over India and abroad, helping them to acquaint themselves with each other in a professional way. ILDA envisions sharing Training expertise across international boundaries and enables Trainers and other individuals/ organizations to easily and cost-effectively access this pool of knowledge - thus empowering them and making this world a better place. ILDA offers to transform its members into truly amazing Trainers by grooming and preparing them for a highly competitive market that exists today. ILDA brings Companies, Educational Institutions, Trainers, Professionals, Students, and even Social Media groups onto a common platform built to thrive by helping them to get hooked onto a web of interconnected and useful contacts. ​ ILDA believes in the timeless proverb, “What you sow, so shall you reap”. ILDA is proud to say that it sows the good of the Training Fraternity into the corners of this earth.

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